You’ve Got Time! Build Your 2021 Marketing Strategy Now

You've Got Time! Build Your 2021 Marketing Strategy Now

Last year was unprecedented, brutal, trying times, and more. But enough of the 2020 talk.

Now you’ve got your whole year in front of you (which, if your schedule looks anything like mine, started in a dead sprint!).

There’s just one thing: You haven’t actually put together a 2021 marketing strategy.

You aren’t alone.

Marketers and remote workers the world over felt the heat of the last year. Bouncing from fire to fire and crisis to crisis, trying to keep all the balls in the air left us simply trying to survive and respond tactically.

We didn’t get as much done strategically as we might like, because how do you plan during a pandemic you’ve never experienced, on top of major civil unrest? (Hint: You don’t really, but you can prepare for the worst.)

If you kissed 2020 goodbye without a solid idea of what you were going to do at midnight, don’t panic. You can still create a 2021 marketing strategy, even in mid-January.

We are a few weeks in now, which means that you can still act — but you’ve got to act fast.

Here’s a step-by-step plan for how to create a quick and effective marketing strategy for 2021.

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