Share on LinkedInShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Pinterest project case study April 19, 2021 6:19 pm No Comments Ecommerce, Fashion, Project Case Studies Client Brief My company designs and sells fashion accessories to anyone with a desire for customization.The purposes I need my website to serve:Market my company and productsSell products onlineBuild constituent […] project case study Client Brief We provide brand and growth development by creating content/media management services and assist in the creative vision for all startup and active businesses with media marketing budgets. The purposes we need our website to serve: Display launch pages for the upcoming events and partnerships with other Brands/Businesses. Landing pages […] project case study Client Brief My company sells beautiful timepieces that everyone will love.  My target audience is an individual who appreciates the value and need of wearing timepieces that look and feel like luxury without the luxury cost. The purposes I need my website to serve: Market my company and products Sell products […] project case study Client Brief I’m a licensed Master Barber servicing the Mableton, Austell, and Powder Springs areas. I’m offering a special experience in a wonderful, family-oriented environment The primary features needed on my site are: A way to pay A way to book appointments A way for customers to leave a review and […] project case study Client Brief I have 2 websites with domains registered to 2 different locations.  Since I am requesting a website makeover I would also like to manage both businesses in a single location and streamline my cost for running them. I want my website to do more than be a brochure of […] project case study Client Brief I am a master barber who performs barber services for men, women, and children. My objective is to be different by providing excellent customer service, knowledge, and expertise in my God-given craft. I would like for my clients to be able to make appointments through my site. I also […]