project case study
Client Brief

My company sells beautiful timepieces that everyone will love.  My target audience is an individual who appreciates the value and need of wearing timepieces that look and feel like luxury without the luxury cost.

The purposes I need my website to serve:

  • Market my company and products
  • Sell products online
What We Delivered

Martique Watches was a startup with no domain and didn’t believe they had enough products to warrant a full-blown website.  After the initial consultation about the importance of brand building, they agreed to allow us to create a web presence for them.

In order to drive organic search results and manage digital marketing efforts, it is important to have a branded unified online presence.  It helps the business control the narrative of their online footprint.  We also provided business-grade email forwarding from the branded domain to existing email accounts so there is no need to manage multiple. Using his email in digital marketing promotions .vs @gmail or @yahoo will build the SEO footprint improving the overall online presence.

The client was initially looking to go the DIY route leveraging Shopify, but soon realized required features like professional reports and USPS Priority Mail Cubic pricing quickly drove the monthly pricing up.

We recommended a WordPress+WooCommerce solution integrated with Square as the payment provider all managed and hosted on our Catching Eyes cloud network.   By using this solution also allowed for Instagram shopping to be implemented to automatically sync product catalogs and enable product tagging converting IG browsers into shoppers.

Web consultations are important for your business as they help you flush out your online strategy early saving both time and money in the long run. 

The development process was broken down into 5 phases:

  • Discovery
    • Kickoff meeting with the client to review the high-level requirements and project scope.
  • Design
    •  Create wireframe and design comps by sketching out interface layouts based on our prior communications.
  • Development
    • Once the design phase is approved, we start building any custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Analytics Integration
    • Establish an analytics account for your company with Google, grant our agency access, and integrate the tracking code for all pages of your website.
  • Client Sign-off
    • Client review of the final design layout, navigation, and confirm Google Analytics is being captured in real-time. Completion of final payment and published pages live.

As part of our maintenance & care plans, we deliver weekly status reports to keep clients informed of site uptime, security threats,  changes in SEO ranking, how visitors are engaging with the website and are just a click or phone conversation away from the next pivot they need to make with their digital marketing strategy.

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