Our Process


We start by consulting with you on your objectives for your new website to understand exactly what you are looking to accomplish. We ask the hard questions so that the deployment of your new website satisfies exactly what you are trying to achieve – otherwise, we haven’t done our job.



Communication is streamlined by on-boarding clients into our project management system where you would have personal project dashboards with high-level project progress, timing, task assignment and current phase to see where things are at a glance.


After discovery and onboarding, one of the first items that will be created and reviewed is the sitemap, which is where we develop a strategy to structure and communicate the information so that we are all on the same page. 



We create a comprehensive interactive prototype in a web browser to show you exactly how we have fleshed out your ideas for a complete understanding of how the solution will benefit your company. Here, we do not focus on design, but rather the functionality to have something you can touch and feel. 



Here, we start to fill in the fun stuff by adding the design features that show you exactly how creative we can be. We develop the prototype according to the identity of your brand. 


The final stage involves the full deployment of your new website. First, we comprehensively test all features of the website to make sure everything is ready to go, and then deploy your website to our production server so you can start showing it off to the world.