Facebook Announces Bulletin – New Monetization Platform for Writers

Facebook Announces Bulletin – New Monetization Platform for Writers

Facebook announced a new service for writers called Bulletin that will help them engage with, grow and monetize their audience. 100% of subscription revenues go to the creators. Bulletin is a standalone website on Bulletin.com.

What is Facebook Bulletin?

Bulletin is a set of tools for writers to use to publish a standalone website, process subscription payments and to leverage Facebook’s social media to further engage with and grow their subscription and reader base.

The service is currently launching in the United States with a select group of writers like Malcolm Gladwell.

More features and tools will roll out during the coming year.

Screenshot from Official Bulletin.com Web Page

According to Facebook:

“Through Bulletin, we want to support these creators, and unify our existing tools with something that could more directly support great writing and audio content — from podcasts to Live Audio Rooms — all in one place.

We respect the work of writers and want to be clear that anyone who partners with us will have complete editorial independence.”

Facebook Bulletin Tools

The new service features tools that support content creation, monetizing that content and audience and growing the audience.

The features include:

  • Publishing tools

  • Sustainable business models

  • Discovery and distribution

  • Community building features

  • Publishing Tools

Facebook Bulletin provides a CMS that makes it easy for publishers to create a fully customizable standalone website.

Screenshot of Two Facebook Bulletin Pages

Facebook Announces Bulletin – New Monetization Platform for Writers

Sustainable Business Models

Bulletin offers writers 100% of earned revenue and portability of content and email lists, it will handle collecting subscriptions and includes analytics to help writers understand their audiences.

That means a writer can choose to move to another platform if they choose and to take their content and subscribers with them.

Facebook described their subscription payment system and offerings:

“Subscription payments will be securely handled by Facebook Pay, allowing subscribers to pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

Writers are able to offer a range of subscription-based features, including content, commenting abilities and Facebook groups accessible only by subscribers.”

Screenshot of Subscription Popup

Facebook Announces Bulletin – New Monetization Platform for Writers

Discovery and Distribution

Bulletin will leverage the Facebook ecosystem to help build an audience by making it eligible to be seen in Facebook News. Bulletin will also integrate with Facebook pages.

Community Building Features

All currently available Facebook features such as groups, Facebook Live and Live Audio Rooms are available to the writers to leverage new monetization and engagement opportunities.

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