American’s Trust Google More Than Facebook or TikTok

American’s Trust Google More Than Facebook or TikTok

In a world of fake news and misinformation, 1,057 U.S. residents were asked how they feel about social media and search platforms.

The recent survey uncovered trust levels in tech companies, which platforms cause concern and opinions regarding tech space developments.

SEO Clarity’s survey results might make Google feel like they have the upper hand, but they still have work to do.

Just Because Americans Trust Google The Most, That Doesn’t Mean They Trust Google Entirely

While 65.7% of survey respondents specified that they trust Google the most, and one in five participants agreed that they will ‘always’ trust the tech giant’s results, not all responses were positive.

29% of survey participants said they don’t think Google is transparent or clear enough when listing an ad, even with the ‘AD’ icon displayed on listings.

A massive 69% of respondents are worried about the data Google collects. When asked how they would feel if they discovered Google collected certain data pieces, the biggest concerns surrounded the giant knowing their home address, past and current location, phone number, and workplace.

Survey performed by SEO Clarity

Americans Trust Facebook And TikTok The Least

Even though TikTok boasted 100 million users towards the end of last year, it is the least trusted, with only 28% of respondents seeing the social platform as trustworthy.

Facebook and Twitter fared slightly better, with 37.8% and 42.9% of Americans surveyed stating they trusted them, respectively.

Survey performed by SEO Clarity

Perhaps documentaries such as The Great Hack and The Social Dilemma have increased concerns over social media platforms accessing and selling our data, or even using it to target us with specific content to achieve their goals and sway opinions, as Cambridge Analytica did a few years back.

Whatever the reason, 73% of respondents think both search and social media platforms should be regulated more. The most popular opinion is that an independent regulatory body of experts should be involved or that they should regulate themselves.

American’s Trust Google More Than Facebook or TikTok

Perhaps a Code similar to that in Australia, whereby digital platforms opt into certain commitments to battle against disinformation, fake news, and misinformation, would suffice.

The survey also revealed that 73% of respondents want the giants to have more responsibility for fact-checking content.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google already have fact-checking processes in place; however, these are not carried out by the giants themselves.

Regardless, the survey suggests that current measures are not enough to relieve concerns over fake news and misinformation, with 67% calling for the platforms to specify when content is fake.

American’s Require More Digital Education

The most worrying statistic to come from the survey stated that 61% of respondents think medical professionals verify all medical content they find on Google.

American’s Trust Google More Than Facebook or TikTok

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