8 Enterprise SEO Skills That Add Value for Your Team & Career

8 Enterprise SEO Skills That Add Value for Your Team & Career

Keyword research, link building, HTML & CSS – these are all skills that are not directly needed by an enterprise SEO.

You are not a jack-of-all-trades. You are not a growth hacker. This is not traditional SEO.

In enterprise SEO, you’re likely working with millions of pages, often across multiple websites, for a corporation that has a clear goal in mind — and it’s not to increase organic sessions.

Most people think of enterprise SEO as stepping up from the minor to the major leagues of baseball.

It’s not. You’re not playing baseball.

You’re playing cricket. More often than not, you invest five days to get no outcome. It’s slow, unnecessarily complex, and requires a great deal of finesse.

When websites scale up to that level, the work that was done by one SEO for a smaller brand must be divided up and performed by many separate teams.

Keyword research is done by the content team, link building is done by PR, and development won’t let you deploy changes to HTML & CSS. What does it take to succeed in this unique environment?

Focus on honing these 8 essential skills for success in enterprise SEO.

1. Know the Business

If you report on performance by showing keywords that have moved up in rankings, you’re doing it wrong.

Even valuable SEO KPIs such as impressions and organic sessions are often of fleeting interest to a C-level executive.

You must show how investment in SEO leads to increases in business KPIs – those things that sustain a business’s growth. This may be MAUs, leads, signups, revenue, or some other metric.

Ensure these are accurately tracked in Google Analytics (or your web tracking tool of choice) in such a way they can be clearly attributed to your SEO efforts and highlight the effectiveness in your reporting and communications.

Prove you not only understand SEO but can translate that into results for the business, insights into your target audience, your market, and deep knowledge of the wider industry, too.

This will make you a unique and valuable resource in your organization.

2. Understand SEOwnership

8 Enterprise SEO Skills That Add Value for Your Team & Career

Jono Alderson shows us that SEO has become multi-disciplinary to a point that no one person or team can own SEO.

All these things have happened:

  • Developers released a new feature along with thousands of parameter-based URLs without any canonical.
  • User Experience updated the interface design, removing all “ugly” H1s.
  • Editorial refused to add evergreen articles to the content calendar.
  • CPC budgets were slashed and organic branded searches plummeted.
  • Sales decided to launch an ad platform and the script tanked core web vitals.

The list goes on.

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