17 SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Tips from SEJ eSummit 2021

17 SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Tips from SEJ eSummit 2021

With 2020 firmly in the rearview, digital marketers are now looking to adapt to changed consumer behavior and markets – and to level up their skills for 2021.

One of the most useful and prevalent traits in digital marketing is that we tend to be curious.

We geek out over new tools.

We love to experiment, try new things, and constantly push the limits.

Importantly, we like to stay current with what other digital marketers – generalists as well as specialists in SEO, PPC, and content marketing – are experimenting with and learning, too.

It’s how we stay sharp, serve our employers and clients best, and grow in our careers.

And it’s one of the things many of us miss most about the cancellation

This week, digital marketers of all disciplines and skill levels gathered online for SEJ eSummit, two knowledge-packed days of expert sessions, keynotes, Master Classes, video networking, expo booths, and more.

Here’s just a taste of the expert tips and actionable takeaways SEJ eSummit speakers shared with attendees:

SEO Takeaways From SEJ eSummit

Please note that throughout this article, you’ll see direct quotes in quotations.

All other takeaways have been paraphrased either by myself or another SEJ eSummit 2021 attendee.

1. Data Science Is Fully Accessible – The Tools Are Within Your Reach. Don’t Be Afraid of the Tech.

Be aware of the types of bias BERT and other machines may have; analyze entity relationships using Colab, which is already in your Google Drive!

If you’re not comfortable using Google Search Console API, connect Data Studio and upload CSV to a Colab notebook.

Quick tip: Sort & filter by CTR to find keyword opportunities.

Other use cases for Colab: extract entities & categories from URLs, int. link analysis, summarizing text, tailoring a CTR curve, SERP feature correlation to CTR.

@BritneyMuller, Keynote: Automating Data Insights

Search Engine Journal Executive Editor Danny Goodwin shared top takeaways from Marie Haynes’ session, How to Diagnose the Cause of a Drop in Google Organic Traffic:

17 SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Tips from SEJ eSummit 2021

2. What Is Webpage Performance in Google’s Eyes?

It’s our intent to put a number, score, or other quantifying measure of how fast and well a website works for users.

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